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Meet The Team

Jordan H. Peterson
Director / Producer / Consultant
429266_10150547603622945_1455858691_nI’m Jordan, after being sidelined with a health issue, I decided to get as close to football action as I could. I would pick up the camera for CSU shooting highlights and loved getting back into the editing room. Why? Well something special happens when you match up quality audio, quality video and inspiration. 12 years later, I’d create amazing video for all genres and especially entertainment. My motivation is to get your audience moving, feeling and reacting to our work. We set up J Harley Media to bring the heart pounding and emotional visuals through video to share with our friends and yours!
Derek Mastay
Videographer / Visual FX / Co-Producer
Since 2005 Derek has worked for Discovery Channel, became an International Compliance Editor for NBC Universal,  and begun filming several major Music Festivals all over the state of Colorado. He’s directed commercials and collaborated with The Denver Art Museum for a commercial broadcasted on a major cable provider. A creator of short films, Derek has developed as Denver’s top wedding and music video focused production company, Innovative Motion. Check his work out!
Anthony Martin
Videographer / Editing / Audio Tech
Anthony has produced several spots and programs, including weekend radio shows, local and professional level sports programming, commercials and segments. He’s an Adobe Audition Specialist and has experience in live production, studio production and music syncing. He also currently works in broadcast at NBC.