Media Company Partners with Creatives and Businesses to Produce


Denver, CO


The lights are on, the director’s chair is empty? What’s going on with local video production in Denver?

There’s a saying that goes “California borrows Colorado’s water, Colorado borrows California’s media.” There’s a new company launching a collaborative effort to get better productions sourced locally in Denver. And they’re doing it to help drive small, commercial and creative business to the top of the Rocky Mountains.

Formerly J Harley Sports LLC, the video production company has changed its focus to serve a wider community of business and local creatives. J Harley Media LLC. introduced itself with premiere commercial 30 Second Spot for and Team #2H2Q. With staggering online hits rolling in online, and clean brand image for the start-up fitness personality, local business is finding its go-to for productions that produce results.

The company has already partnered with Ideascape Media to get more commercial video produced locally as well. Ideascape Media features the Red Epic Camera, Drone and Post-Production Capabilities that are second to none.

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