5 Denver Companies Using Video To Leverage Customer Experience

These top businesses are using video to showcase their product, value and excite new customers. See and feel the difference and the impact these sites are making through story telling!

1) Yoga: For anyone who doesn’t have a clue, let Pure Barre introduce you to the healing powers of Yoga.

2) Event Promotional: Does anyone do a pool party better than 303? If so please e-mail me stat and view this video

3) Photography: A picture says a thousand words, this video says 1 million. True story telling at its finest!

See online here

4) Corporate Travel: Why are you calling? Oh because I’ve been wasting money on traveling my consultants? Yes.

5) Night Club Promotional: What says come out for the night more than sparkling bottles and beautifully dressed waitresses?

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Thanks for watching!


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