How Video Dominates the Web and Mobile

Video has proven to be the go-to for engaging customers and bringing them online to the store front.
Video has proven to be the go-to for engaging customers and bringing them online to the store front.

When YouTube launched in February 2005, there was 3 users… the creators.

These three enabled others to create and now we’re staring at one Google’s most profitable, marketable and sustainable online engines with billions of traffic hits weekly! Millions could make millions just by sharing tips and experiences on their very own channels.

It was no surprise to Susan Weinschenk, Ph.D. a leading speaker, author, and consultant to some of the most successful companies like Amazon, Disney, Walmart and South By Southwest. Weinschenk brings a deep understanding of the psychology of what makes us so drawn to video and each other. (the following is paraphrased from Forbes Content Contributor Sean Rosensteel and original Why Online Video For Your 2013 Content Marketing Objectives)

#1: We can’t get enough face – Weinschenk contributes an actual brain function that pre-determines us to use the human face as a gathering point for information and believability.

#2: Voice conveys rich information –  Human voice to us has an amazing way of conveying information into meaningful content. Anyone remember Billy Mays with Oxiclean?

#3: Emotions are contagious – A subtle but invaluable aspect that we all take for granted.  Emotions drive body language and can be appealing. We naturally love to share those great feelings and fortunately we also like to receive as well.

#4: Movement grabs attention – Peripheral Motion what? Since the stone age, we’ve survived by noticing things in motion and we continue to do so! Create motion, create meaning and viewers can’t take their eyes off whats coming.

You can watch Susan’s detailed presentation here.

How many videos are you viewing a day? How many devices are you connected to? What are you doing online? We’re consumers and we’re consuming unbelievable hours on video media.

Can you imagine an extra 1,000 eyes on your project? How about 10,000 eyes on your opening event? People are visiting our content online and engaging. Be the focal point of conversation, viewers are ready to join the conversation, contribute their thoughts, share and back the businesses behind it.

Now more than ever, its most important to be online but ever more its essential to convert online viewers into customers! To take advantage of online video, please email at

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5 Denver Companies Using Video To Leverage Customer Experience

These top businesses are using video to showcase their product, value and excite new customers. See and feel the difference and the impact these sites are making through story telling!

1) Yoga: For anyone who doesn’t have a clue, let Pure Barre introduce you to the healing powers of Yoga.

2) Event Promotional: Does anyone do a pool party better than 303? If so please e-mail me stat and view this video

3) Photography: A picture says a thousand words, this video says 1 million. True story telling at its finest!

See online here

4) Corporate Travel: Why are you calling? Oh because I’ve been wasting money on traveling my consultants? Yes.

5) Night Club Promotional: What says come out for the night more than sparkling bottles and beautifully dressed waitresses?

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Media Company Partners with Creatives and Businesses to Produce


Denver, CO


The lights are on, the director’s chair is empty? What’s going on with local video production in Denver?

There’s a saying that goes “California borrows Colorado’s water, Colorado borrows California’s media.” There’s a new company launching a collaborative effort to get better productions sourced locally in Denver. And they’re doing it to help drive small, commercial and creative business to the top of the Rocky Mountains.

Formerly J Harley Sports LLC, the video production company has changed its focus to serve a wider community of business and local creatives. J Harley Media LLC. introduced itself with premiere commercial 30 Second Spot for and Team #2H2Q. With staggering online hits rolling in online, and clean brand image for the start-up fitness personality, local business is finding its go-to for productions that produce results.

The company has already partnered with Ideascape Media to get more commercial video produced locally as well. Ideascape Media features the Red Epic Camera, Drone and Post-Production Capabilities that are second to none.

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