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TrAIN Heroic Campaign

Video: J Harley Media, Kailyn Nowak, Douglas J. Horton, Train Heroic,
Edit: J Harley Media


Consistently winning takes real work, real sacrifice, and Team Elite Physique is the best in the business. Reminding everyone that the numbers don’t lie, if you want to be among winners, you’re going to want to go with Team Elite Physique.

Video: J Harley Media, J Delgado Visual Media, J Nichols Films, Innovative Motion
Edit: J Harley Media


Mr. Colorado 2015, Jason “Hero” Antoine,  wanted a bigger online presence, and needed to introduce companies to an amazing physique. It didn’t take long before sponsors came running, seeing his custom workout videos, showcasing branding opportunities. He’s been able to travel, compete in more shows, and meet the biggest stars in his pursuit of an iconic brand.

Video: J Harley Media                      Edit: J Harley Media


When Champa6ne needed a fresh reel for a T.V. pilot, they wanted someone who understood limited resources. We shot them a highlight reel in 1 night that reintroduced people from Denver, Vegas and even Los Angeles to their amazing performances! The group has since doubled in size, expanded into a clothing brand and is THE commanding fusion dance crew in Denver.

Video: J Harley Media                      Edit: J Harley Media


Hottest Bodies Magazine

HBM was rolling out their first issue, they wanted to generate buzz. The promoter knew how to throw a packed party and hired J Harley to get behind the scenes with famed photographer Brent Andeck. This digital hit that helped draw a crowd of over 200 attended guests including a special appearance by the new 2017 BMW.

Video: J Harley Media                      Edit: J Harley Media
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